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Unattended system

System introduction
The unattended system is an AI technology-based unattended system independently developed by weishiqing using various sensors such as industrial cameras and laser scanners, and integrating advanced technologies such as software digital modeling, 3D laser scanning and PLC control. It can realize unmanned automatic operation or remote on-duty operation, and greatly improve the operation efficiency of bucket wheel machine, ship unloader, stacker reclaimer and other equipment.
system function
Precise Positioning Intelligent Control 3D Modeling
Code positioning
Angle detection
Real-time detection
Remote control
One-click positioning
Precise picking
Real-time scan
Real-time measurement
3D modeling
Stockyard Management Security Centralized Monitoring
Intelligent management
3D display
Digital information
Pedestrian detection
Obstacle detection
High temperature detection
Laser Ranging
Remote monitoring
Centralized management
Downsizing efficiency

core technology

No delay, real real-time detection and control technology:
Using GMSL technology and TSN real-time Ethernet technology, the camera and lidar basically have no delay, avoiding the network delay of more than 300MS in the same industry, so as to achieve real-time motor control of port machinery.
Real-time 3D laser scanning modeling using deep learning algorithms:
Ultra-high precision, the error is only ±1cm; ~600,000pts/s real-time high-speed operation; 150m effective monitoring range. Build 3D models in real time using the Pytorch framework and deep learning algorithms.
Heavy-duty AI camera:
No delay, waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-vibration; different from the security cameras used in the same industry, there will be huge delay and quality problems of moisture-proof and shock-proof. Support AI algorithms customized for various port application scenarios.
Intelligent integrated platform software:
Based on the system integration capability of the self-developed powerful industrial control AI core board, it can replace the patchwork combination of industrial computers, nvida graphics cards, switches, and PLC control boards used in the industry. , especially suitable for outdoor use in harsh port and wharf environments. Integrated visual analysis, big data calculation, 3D display, multiple equipment linkage, PLC motor control, intelligent automatic operation.

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