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System introduction
Unmanned crane is an AI technology-based unmanned driving system independently developed by weishiqing using industrial cameras, lidar and other sensors and integrating a variety of intelligent algorithms. It can realize unmanned automatic operation and greatly improve the operation efficiency of tire crane equipment.
system function
Vehicle Positioning Card Management Intelligent Control Security Centralized Monitoring
Intelligent decision
Precise positioning
Real-time positioning
Pose detection
Fully automatic inlet and outlet box
Box number identification
Auto stack
Humanoid detection
Obstacle detection
Set card anti-lifting
Remote monitoring
Centralized management
Centralized management

core technology
Easy maintenance: Based on the traditional four rope sling, there is no mechanical change and the maintenance cost is low.

No site restrictions: there is no need to install peripheral auxiliary facilities, such as magnetic ruler, reflector, etc.
High efficiency, high precision and high safety: the operation efficiency and precision are leading in the industry, and the intelligent algorithm greatly improves the safety.

True unmanned, all-weather, all-weather: no need for manual active intervention, adapt to all-weather operation.

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